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Stop Marketing Mail & Phone Calls

Default setting

Subscribed to marketing

Better setting



Why change?

By default, you are subscribed to advertisements, credit card offers, and marketing calls. Even if you don’t care about them, sorting your mail, recycling, and ignoring phone calls takes your time and attention away from the things you care about. If you never pay attention to the printed materials that end up in your mailbox, it’d better to stop them at the source and not generate environmental waste in the first place.


Each of the following websites allows you to stop a different type of marketing correspondence. Visit each one and fill out the opt-out form. It will take about 2 min per site:

  1. Credit cards and insurance offers:
  2. Telemarketing calls:
  3. Phone books:
  4. Marketing mail:
  5. Marketing mail #2: (this is the only service that’s paid, the fee is $2 but it’s worth it because this opt-out form represents 80% of all marketing mail)

Enjoy the ongoing benefits of your updated default setting! Get an email when a new one is posted.


Seattle Utilities Stop Junk Mail Campaign

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