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Create Phone Keyboard Shortcuts

Default setting

Shortcuts not setup

Better setting

Shortcuts setup for frequently-used phrases


Why change?

What long phrases do you send to other people frequently? By default, many of us type out our home address, email, and phone number letter-by-letter. You can save time and avoid mistakes by using your phone’s keyboard shortcut features.


On Android, open Settings and go to System, Languages & input, Advanced, and Personal dictionary (or search for “personal dictionary”)

On iOS, open Settings and go to General, Keyboard, and Text Replacement (or search for “text replacement”)

Useful shortcut examples:

  1. “phonee” for your phone number: 123-543-1111
  2. “homee” for your address: 123 Aloha Ave N Apt 1234 Seattle, WA 98100
  3. “emaill” for your email:

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